poem the 4th: it’s all in my head

1 min readSep 3, 2021


it’s all in your head

they said.

all wrapped up in imagination

and flights of fancy

all the silly things that don’t matter

that didn’t happen that way.

perhaps you misunderstood

they said

to assure themselves that they are right

or just to make sure that you are wrong.

these things don’t exist

they said

except in your head.

but i wrote them down

all the silly things in my head

that i was told don’t exist

that are not true.

i wrote them down

making them real

turning them into stories for all the world to see.

i put them in order

all neat and tidy

saving them for future reference.

they may come in handy some day

there may come a time that i may need them again.

i imagine their usefulness

how they will fit into

the scheme of things.

i imagine their divine power

their ability to connect with everything outside my head.

after i wrote them down

you read them

and now they are in your head.

Originally published at http://textcatwrites.wordpress.com on September 3, 2021.




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