It is the cool of winter in Northern California, and tucked in a dark forest of second growth redwoods is where my toddler daughter and I have found refuge. We have only come from a few miles away, yet it seems that we have gone a great distance to another land. This is a place of ocean, fog and rain, the kind of rain that breaks records. It was also once famous for the towering redwood trees that were felled to build San Fransisco. We live among the descendants of those once-grand trees.

These trees are impressive but have yet…

In mourning the passing of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg it feels that not only did we lose an icon of the women’s movement, we are losing the efforts of an entire era of progress for women in the US. With her passing and the push to get her replacement installed as quickly as possible, the sense that all of RBG’s hard work, along with other women of her time, is being scuttled. We are losing the ability to keep the forward momentum that has ever so slowly been made and are moving backward. …

Don’t get me wrong. I like kale. I use it in salads and love it with Swiss cheese and some honey mustard dressing as a low cost nutritious sandwich. What I don’t like about kale is that it comes in bags the size of overstuffed pillows and, to my everlasting disappointment, I have never been able to use it all before it starts to go bad.

I hate to waste anything and throwing good food away hurts my heart. I’ve lived a long life of near the economic edge. I have eaten things I’ve seen others toss with nary a…

In 1975 I learned to bake during the sugar shortage. I was the most unlikely and reluctant candidate for the position of housewife that ever graced a kitchen. While I was figuring out the housewife/mother thing, the steepest learning curve I climbed was managing a meager food budget meant to feed 2 adults and one hungry infant. I learned to bake bread, as well as other sweets from scratch. I purchased flour in 25 lb. bags and doing the math for the cost of all the ingredients, figured that my loaves cost $0.25 a peice. I used my baking to…

I blame my cholesterol. Eggs have been out of my diet for a while so the egg shortage is something that has not affected my diet in any drastic way during this pandemic. But eggs offer more than comfort at breakfast. They are used in baking for making cakes and the like light and fluffy. A shortage of eggs is causing all kinds of distress for the stress baking crowd. I shared a recipe from a church lady cookbook that required only one egg that sounded tasty. …

I don’t cook. Its been some time since I had a family around sporting the what’s-for-dinner-look so I gave it up and was happy to see it go. It happened the day my daughter kicked me out of the kitchen when she was 10. She realized she was better at it than I, informed me that I would not be allowed back in the kitchen ever again and that was the end of that. I was relieved. I can cook, and for reasons that I won’t go into here, I’m just not really fond of it. The shocked look of…

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should i smile more?
do you like me?
do you think i am nice?
once, for lent i gave it up.
being nice that is.
didn’t miss it
so i let it go
and never took it back.

they’re just leftovers
but as i carefully scoop them
into airtight containers,
taking care to get every drop
every morsel stubbornly clinging to the pan
so as to not let anything
go to waste,
i breathe into them hope
for the future
an incantation against disaster.
it’s more than i expect they
can deliver but i’m optimistic.
they will chill in the fridge
waiting for the time i remember
they are still there
and the hope i had for them.
i think ultimately they have higher hopes for me
than i do of them.
it’s not fair but that’s how it is.

She had a command of the language,
her power over it was unwavering.
She surprised it with her demands
to make it misbehave
bending it to her will.
She bore no compromise
as she forced her being into
the words that had no choice
but to submit
cracking beneath the weight
of her determination to make
the language say what she meant
and not the limits the language put on her.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

I have come to discover that there is a concept in a place called the Manosphere that holds the belief that femininity is a ‘biological and natural’ condition. This comes with a caveat that they want us to understand that they are admiring the perfection of not just any femininity. We are told that there is a thing called ‘traditional femininity’ coded in to every female’s DNA, and that somehow feminists have destroyed that code and replaced it with the evils of feminism. Because of this society is a dysfunctional, unhealthy mess. Females (i.e., …


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